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Koh Chang Divers – Our Mission Statement

‘The theory is important but it is time in the water is that makes the diver’

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We offer Diving trips and Courses on Koh Chang including a collection and return service from resorts on the island.  Snorkelers may join the dive trips.

The Whaleshark

We have chosen the Whaleshark as our emblem because the world’s largest fish is now being seen in waters around Koh Chang more often than ever before.  During some high seasons there are more sightings of this species than there were of the Hawksbill turtles we regularly see.  More significant, perhaps, is that there have been sightings of them in June and July , low season, around both the National Marine Park and the HTMS Chang shipwreck.  There are no guarantees of seeing them each time we go out because, of course, we are always in their hands, sorry, fins.

We have decades of experience in teaching recreational Scuba Diving, with many of those years on the island of Koh Chang.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible standards of scuba training as well as offering professional guides to certified divers on the sites found in the group of islands around Koh Chang.

Scuba diving education is delivered to the standards set by the agency issuing the diving certificate.  Provided the minimum standards are met, then certification is completed.

We believe it is much better to exceed the minimum standards for certification. Hence ‘The theory is important but it is time in the water is that makes the diver’.  All our courses guarantee more time in the water than those minimum standards, helped by reducing the maximum number of students per instructor to two.

When considering who to choose for your diving education, please check out our specifications for the course you are choosing.

Our guided dives are led by Divemasters/Instructors with groups of no more than 4 divers.  Care is taken to have divers of similar experience in each group.

Our years of experience has demonstrated that many divers who reach those minimum standards then ‘slip back’ by the time they go diving again.  For those we are happy to provide a free refresher programme.

All our divers are consulted, often in person, by one of our dive professionals at least the day before the event.  We then have enough information to prepare equipment and registration requirements allowing a prompt departure to the dive sites, normally resulting in being the first there.

Bang Bao village has an abundance of boats of different sizes converted for tourism.  We use a number of those boats adapted for diving to allow us to choose a boat to suit the size of the party and use separate boats when numbers and/or diver requirements would serve our divers the best.  Our maximum diver number on any one boat is 12.

All our services are at competitive prices for Koh Chang

COVID-19 Update

We are now open for diving and in addition to way that we operate shown above, we have made the following changes:-

  1. Maximum divers on a boat is now 6 for social distancing.
  2. Sanitizer is available at our centre and on each boat.
  3. All equipment is rinsed post dive in disinfectant.
  4. Facial/oral equipment is sanitized (ultra violet and/or liquid)
  5. New mouthpieces are available.
  6. Face masks available.
  7. All rental equipment to be assembled by the dive professionals.
  8. Buddy checks by the dive professional prior to entry.