Marine Life

‘The theory is important but it is time in the water is that makes the diver’

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Schooling fish, such as fusiliers, barracuda, batfish and snappers, parrotfish, boxfish, puffers, large and small groupers, great barracuda, trevally, trigger fish, file fish, moray eels, anemone fish, angelfish, butterfly fish, banner fish, stingrays, lion and scorpionfish.  Many, many more.

Hermit crabs, cleaner and dancing shrimp, squid, octopus, medusa and, of course, nudibranch can also be found.

Whalesharks are no longer a rarity in the area especially in high season. Bamboo and nurse sharks can be found though sightings of other sharks and eagle rays are rare.  Cobia are often seen and there have been sightings of Sailfish.

There are regular sightings of, usually, Hawksbill turtles.

Whilst there may be more chance of seeing particular marine life at different sites, there is always the posibilty of seeing them at any of the sites. Without a doubt, the HTMS Chang is now home to the greatest concentration of local marine life.

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