PADI Discover Scuba Diver

The theory is important but it is time in the water is that makes the diver

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‘As divers we believe that scuba diving is something that everyone should try, but we also understand that it is not for everyone……’

Why not find out? We will give you some simple instruction on diving theory followed by the use and safety of the equipment in a pool or shallow water.  It is the best way to prepare a novice for the open water.

We follow that the next day with a boat trip and take you on two dives in the open water to a maximum of 12 metres.

It is a great way of discovering the underwater world under the very close supervision of an instructor. The experience includes a log book and registration with PADI International which can be used as a credit towards the cost of an Open Water Course.

The safety and comfort of the Discover Scuba Diving programme is of paramount importance and the time under water will be determined by them.  In line with our mission statement, however, those that are enjoying the experience will gain valuable time under water to prepare them for an Open Water Course.

It is our policy, though the dive agencies allow for more, that our instructors are limited to two students each for this programme.

COST: 4,500 Baht

Transport from any Koh Chang resort*, if required, registration, insurance, basic equipment, refreshments and lunch during the course are all provided . Not included is the entrance fee to the National Marine park – 400baht which is paid at the park on any day we visit.

*There may be additional charge for resorts East of the Koh Chang Ferry (p.o.a)

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