PADI Scuba Diver

‘The theory is important but it is time in the water is that makes the diver’

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This course includes theory, pool/shallow water skills and at least two open water dives. Registration and certification is to 12 metres with a condition that future dives must be in the company of a dive professional.

A Scuba Diver course would normally only pre-booked if the student knows they have insufficient time to complete the full open water course.  It is most commonly used when, for some reason, the Open Water Course cannot be certified but the student has reached Scuba Diver standard.   Examples of this would be sickness or bad weather. The student would then upgrade in the future rather than repeating the whole course.

In line with our mission statement, our course includes at least 90 minutes in the open water.

It is also our policy that each instructor has a maximum of two students.

11,000 Baht

Transport from any Koh Chang resort*, if required, registration, insurance, equipment, refreshments and lunch during the course are all provided . Not included is the entrance fee to the National Marine park – 400baht which is paid at the park on any day we visit.

*There may be additional charge for resorts East of the Koh Chang Ferry (p.o.a)

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