Whilst we are primarily a dive company, most of our dive sites are also suitable for snorkelers.  Many of our snorkelers are in the company of divers but we also welcome other who wish to snorkel the dive sites.

We give instruction and guidance to the snorkelers and have reference books on board about the marine life.

Occasionally, the conditions may be acceptable for diving but uncomfortable for snorkeling.  We would always advise against the activity if we thought it better to go another day.

COST: 1000 baht

Transport from any Koh Chang resort*, if required, registration, insurance, basic equipment, refreshments and lunch during the course are all provided . Not included is the entrance fee to the National Marine park – 400baht which is paid at the park on any day we visit.

*There may be additional charge for resorts East of the Koh Chang Ferry (p.o.a)